Monday, January 19, 2009

Removing Spam Comments on Blogger

This is mostly a post to remind myself, but others may also find it helpful. I get a spam comment on my posts every now and then, and as soon as I do, I get an e-mail from blogger on having gotten a new comment. I don't get that many comments, so I choose to allow all comments and manually remove them. If this is ever abused, I will immediately begin moderating comments, which is a setting under dashboard. If you prefer to be laissez-faire like me, you can just delete the spam comments as they come. The procedure is a little weird though, so I'm posting it her as a reminder.

1. Log in to blogger and go to the dashboard.
2. Find the offending post, and scroll down to the bottom of the comments.
3. The spam comment should be the last one, but it doesn't matter if it is not.
4. Choose POST COMMENT at the bottom of the comments. This takes you to the screen with the delete icon next to each comment.
5. Choose the trash can icon next to the spam post, and check Remove Forever.

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Anonymous said...

now I know it..